[HYBRID] Music by Jon Michaelson

Free Sync Opportunities

Q Where can I get original music for my project?


A CURVEBALL have a growing library (38 tracks on Bandcamp)

Q I have limited time, so what type of music is CURVEBALL?


A There is a curated Top 6 at SoundCloud

Q Where can I find music that is royalty free?


A All CURVEBALL music is royalty free, on a buyout offer basis

Q What does royalty free mean?


A This type of license grants to a single-user, the non-exclusive


right to synchronize music as often as desired for a lifetime


period of 99 years


Q What is the benefit of royalty free buyout?


A With a royalty free/buyout license, you don't have to worry


about filling out usage forms or renewing an annual license. One


transaction and you're covered for unlimited future usage

Q Does a royalty free buyout license mean I own the music?


A No. What you are "buying-out" is not the MUSIC itself, but a


lifetime LICENSE granting you the rights to synchronize the music


in your productions without having to pay any future "per usage"


or "annual" licensing fees

Q Can CURVEBALL help someone with a zero or minimal soundtrack




A Yes. We would love to help. Let us know about your project


and the music that might be suitable by filling out the contact


form below


Q I have little time or no idea what music to use?


A Why not send us your video or showreel and we'll see if we can


make some suggestions

CURVEBALL recently teamed up with Mr B Productions to provide


Herald from 15 x 2 for a video for UK Pro Surf Association

All We Are Saying Is...

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